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Degradable plastic bags are not really ECO friendly?

Degradable plastic bags are not really ECO friendly?


Most Degradable Plastic Bags that appear on the market today contains only 10%-15% of the degradable components, and 85%-90% of plastic is just turned into small pieces. On the other hand, load-bearing and leak-proof functions are big issues. So the degradable bags are not so popular. The true ECO friendly plastic bag is the one that could be converted to water and CO2. So when you purchase the environmental bags, please consult the factory in more detail for the difference between the Biodegradable Plastic Bags and degradable plastic bags

Reduce use

The government should further advertise and promote the concept of “resource classification”.Paid use of plastic bags should work better than just a word. Discarding plastic bags seems like a trivial matter. It is actually a 'revolution' in people's lifestyles, which is bound to bring pain to people. For consumers who are accustomed to using plastic bags for free, it requires time frame to alter the rooted consumption habits.

Garbage classification

In addition to the continuous development of new technologies, consumers can use the different colors of Plastic Rubbish Bag to carry out garbage sorting. You can put black Rubbish Bag in the kitchen for non-recyclable garbage; use pink Plastic Garbage Bags in living room and study room are pink for recycling trash. This sort of garbage is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly, and can be properly recycled and reused.

Overall, it is important to have all parts involved, the state, the private sector and local society along the public. All together through cooperation at the extent where each one can contribute to achieve the reduction of plastic!

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