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Tips on the Design of Environmental Paper Packaging

Tips on the Design of Environmental Paper Packaging


Many consumers nowadays pursue Greenism" and require that products delivered in eco-friendly and sustainable packages. Environment protection has been rooted in people’s heart. This is the same for Paper Bag. Thus, environment is an important fact needs to be considered in the packaging design.

Creating paper bag packaging design that is conducive to environmental protection and human health is the common goal pursued by consumers and designers today.Packaging designers should focus on the interests of social groups while pursuing design concepts and marketing margins.As a result not only social costs and responsibilities needs to be considered, but also the advantages and disadvantages of environmental protection.

At present, the phenomenon of over-packaging of goods is becoming more and more serious, and many packagings have deviated from their functions. Over packaging means that products that are wrapped in more material than is needed or is wanted. In other words, packaging material too much, cost too high, decoration too gorgeous and words too beautiful. Over packaging does not only increase the burden on consumers, but also wastes valuable packaging resources, and exacerbates the deterioration of the ecological environment and increases the burden of disposal of discarded materials.

How to design environmental packaging? Here are tips for your reference.

1. Optimized usage of materials

Optimized usage of materials, i.e, keep proper ratio of product to packaging, the packaging layers reduced, the packaging itself reduced, and so on. For example, if you require Printed Paper Carrier Bags for your underwear store, you should use paper as light as possible. For the fragile goods, instead of using the traditional bubble wrap,you may use the latest air cushion rolls. Also, instead of using Styrofoam, which is bad for the environment, you may opt for new types of protective materials that are eco-friendly. These materi als are crack resistant and have increased shock absorption capabilities.

2. Use materials that are recyclable and biodegradable

Materials such as cardboard,paperboard, and plastic can be reconstituted, and create new items. Both recyclable and recycled materials come from different sources, you can make them adapt to your packaging easily. Now more and more people choose to use Kraft Paper Bag since it is more environmental. Kraft is a natural material that could be 100% recycled.

3. Use innovative and unique materials

If you cannot avoid pictures or texts on your Shopping Paper Bags, then use inks made from milk proteins or food instead of using any chemicals that can cause harm to the environment. Soy inks, for instance, are more sustainable. Unlike petroleum-based inks, they come from a renewable source. This makes the recycling process much easier. Using unique materials such as Biodegradable Plastic Material plastic and Corn starch-made items also helps to minimize any environmental impact.

4. Reduced usage of energy

Plastic packaging can help with sustainability. First of all, it takes only less energy to manufacture plastic, compared to glass or aluminum or steel. Plastic is lightweight. When your product is placed in the Plastic Packaging Bag, the overall weight will not increase significantly. For example, 10 gallons of juice can be stored in a 2-pound plastic container. The weight increases with aluminum or steel or glass containers. Lighter packaging amounts to less fuel in shipping. This helps to save energy. This is the same for Food Packaging Bag

Remember that designing environmentally friendly packing for your not only shows your company’s commitment to the customer, but also indirectly shows your consideration to the your community and environment as a whole. Impress your customers with innovative custom packaging that not only grabs their attention, but also sets an example to others how minimal, eco-friendly options can be especially effective in inspiring interest.

You can find out more options for creating custom eco-friendly packaging with Sunway Packaging factory, a leading packaging manufacturer in China, providing short-run custom boxes and packaging for startups.

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